Amir Zibakenari was born in 1351 in Rasht, Iran, the son of singer and songwriter Namir Gilani. He completed his elementary and high school education in the city of Rasht and became interested in music from an early age and became familiar with vocal strings and benefited from professors such as Fereydoun Purreza, Jamshid Amarabee. Amir has been teaching tombak since 1993 at the same time taking over the management of the Beautification Music Training Center. He has collaborated with the Rasht Center for Voice and Voice and has released a cassette tape of his songs.


Amir Zibakenari – Ghashange Rouya.mp3 – 3725574

Amir Zibakenari – Mi Choomane Soo.mp3 – 5853404

Amir Zibakenari – Gharibe Roozegar.mp3 – 4479287

Amir Zibakenari – Aziz Par (320).mp3 – 11365696

Amir Zibakenari – Ghashange Ahoo.mp3 – 5027096

Amir Zibakenari – Mi Choomane Soo ( Music ).mp3 – 5934922

Amir Zibakenari – Mihmani.mp3 – 3570977

Amir Zibakenari – Sarnevesht.mp3 – 3749896

Amir Zibakenari – Agar Khaanam Ti Vastiyeh.mp3 – 3643669

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